An application view of data is important for a point-in-time recovery

Scott Fagan, Chief Products Officer at 21st Century Software, has decades of experience with IBM and CA.  He understands the risk and resiliency gaps that batch applications expose when the unexpected happens.

Hardly a week goes by without another report of data being stolen, lost or corrupted.
Black hats working for organized crime or unfriendly governments often perpetrate
these events, but many are the result of poor planning, carelessness or outright
neglect. While most data centers with mainframe footprints have a disaster recovery (DR)
strategy with a plan and periodic testing, for today’s threats, more is necessary

This article by Scott Fagan explores how pervasive corruption of all types can be and how those "safe" snapshots may not be your backup and restore answer. With an application-centric solution,
your organization can more reliably recover your applications, restoring service more quickly
after data corruption failures.

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