Mainframes and Business Continuity: New Game, Same Rules


  • RECORDING DATE: Thursday, Oct 10
  • PANELIST INFO: Rebecca M. Levesque President and CEO of 21st Century Software; Jon William Toigo CEO and Managing Principal of Toigo Partners International; Chairman, Data Management Institute
  • DURATION: 57 minutes
  • DESCRIPTION: While high availability (HA) technologies appear to be a panacea for resiliency and continuous operations, too often the basic requirement for recovery within the tight timeframes is overlooked. That is what distinguishes a crisis from a catastrophe.

    Despite the hype, the increasing adoption of high availability HA technologies has not changed the requirements for disaster preparedness. HA may help avoid preventable downtime, but it cannot prevent the unavoidable disaster event. The simple fact is that resiliency does not trump recoverability: organizations need both!