Migration in Place™

migration in place

For high availability and traditional solutions

Migration in Place (MIP) is the latest utility introduced to complement Tape/Assist mainframe. Migrations using MIP appear seamless to the customer, as the migration activity can proceed during normal production tape processing. Library ranges themselves also can be increased alongside migration, thus making Migration in Place a smart solution for organizations with ever-increasing tape requirements.

The Migration Cluster database becomes the central repository to orchestrate all migration activity reporting on migration status (the amount of data migrated or remaining migration queue).


  • Retain same VOLSERs
  • All volumes treated the same way: DFHSM, DB2, CA-DISPATCH
  • Fast and easy-to-use process
  • Design based on EMC DLm requirements
  • Few if any exceptions


Migration in Place is a new approach to tape migrations allowing upgrade to tape library environment

  • Maintains existing tape VOLSER ranges and catalog structures
  • Not TMS dependent
  • Automatic migration of volumes going scratch
  • Supports SMS or non-SMS for input tapes, output tapes are SMS-managed