SpaceFinder™ Storage Management Solutions (SMS)

SpaceFinder is a z/OS storage management solution that centralizes all phases of mainframe management. With SpaceFinder, users are able to maximize the value of the mainframe storage environment, from assessment and monitoring, to configuration, allocation and planning.

Simplifying the administration and management of mainframe storage resources from one single point of control, the latest version of SpaceFinder provides the following features:

  • Enhanced Common Storage Management Console – An easy-to-use interface provides detail and summary reporting, history and trending capabilities, as well as “saved user views” and print-publishing facilities.
  • Actionable Views of Historical Data – Users can capture historical data in the SpaceFinder SMS suite for views and graphs within the interface.
  • Integrated Storage Reporting – Users can easily report on SMS pools and user-defined pools, as well as the composition of each volume.
  • Greater Action Capabilities – Actions are provided for immediate execution from the interface, giving the user control over batch or scripted actions against the selected objects.
  • Insight through Logical Pooling Definitions – Users are able to benefit from a fully encompassing view of an application set of data that spans all media types (disk, tape, HSM) within the z/OS storage environment.
  • Enriched Automation – SpaceFinder’s automation capabilities are instituted in a manner that significantly reduces resource consumption compared to other alternatives in the SRM market space. This includes the ability to gather information on files that need maintenance and can be scheduled and run via a started task.