VFI for Mainframes

DR/VFI 4.5 for Mainframes 21st Century Software PA

VFI provides resiliency management by minimizing risks and providing immediate insight into data interdependencies and vulnerabilities.

As mission-critical data is assumed recoverable through technology, VFI assures visibility into application data itself and the processes around that data, as well as how this affects your recovery objectives during a disruptive event.

VFI features provide the means of obtaining business-mandated SLAs, regardless of the event, through real-time “journal like” functionality which enables true application tiering, and the tracking of data in-flight at the time of an event. Proven to protect the application environment, this integrated recovery management solution manages all of the application elements required to ensure successful restoration.

VFI is changing the way mainframe environments are managed through three new innovative solutions: TimeLiner, InstaSnap, and InstaRestore.

Whether you have invested time, money and technical expertise in a comprehensive, high-availability solution, or you maintain a traditional IT infrastructure, even an effectively replicated enterprise can be vulnerable in ways never imagined.

No matter the expertise of the architect who puts the pieces together, the elegance of your architecture cannot assure the resiliency of your IT infrastructure in every possible situation. Consider these statistics.

  • TimeLiner – benefits users with crucial, up-to-the minute visibility into jobs that may have been running at the time of disruption. You know where your data sits and what systems require immediate attention.
  • InstaSnap – provides resiliency for batch jobs by enabling an innovative solution of journaling data at a job level.
  • InstaRestore – works in conjunction with both TimeLiner and InstaSnap to complete the picture, bringing jobs to a stable state for restartability, shaving time and improving your Recovery Time Objective.

TimeLiner and InstaSnap work in tandem to provide a recovery framework which is unprecedented in the industry.

Further, 21st Century Software’s innovative and patented solutions enable production analysts with the power they need to make their environments whole — quickly and effectively. By pinpointing vulnerable jobs and potentially compromised data with TimeLiner, analysts can then take advantage of the journaling capability that InstaSnap provided at the initiation of production jobs and steps.

These logical snaps in turn are recovered at the job and step level with InstaRestore, enabling production processes to be easily resumed. As a result, much of the manual effort associated with recovery is eliminated and recovery times are slashed.