21st Century Software Services

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Much of 21st Century Software’s tremendous value is rooted in the experience and expertise of our technical specialists. Each staff member brings more than 20 years experience developing and managing disaster recovery programs, making them highly qualified to manage solutions and provide services across a wide range of company sizes, platforms, and infrastructures.

We offer a comprehensive suite of three services aimed at helping you design, implement, and maintain a solution that best addresses your backup and recovery needs.

Put Our Consulting, Technical & Support Services To Work for Your Success

Rely on the experience and expertise of our systems engineers & technical consultants to keep your business up and running


Consultants will review & audit your current backup & recovery strategy

Our consulting services are designed to help maximize your enterprise backup and recovery programs:

Audit and Review: We’ll perform a complete audit and review of your current backup and recovery strategy to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and help fill the holes that may block you from realizing a fully recoverable enterprise.

Disaster Recovery Planning: Our consultants can help your executive and IT staffs fully understand what’s involved in an enterprise recovery program, and help build a complete strategy that contributes to your overall recoverability.


Technical services teams will assist with your mainframe environment providing knowledge in recovery assurance, application & storage.

Our technical services team provides your organization with the assistance it needs to put a backup and recovery program in place, and the knowledge to support it for years to come.

  • Implementation: Our technical services staff has the knowledge to successfully implement a Recovery Assurance strategy at your company.
  • Training and Education: Knowledge transfer is a key element of our technical services engagements. Our technical services staff can fully train and educate your own technical staff on the best methods of supporting and maintaining a recovery strategy on your own.


Support before and during a crisis, protecting your data & management staffing.

Give your staff the support they need.

We believe that our support organization is more than a piece of 21st Century Software – it’s part of your business as well. When the need arises, an experienced support technician is available around the clock, seven days a week.

The first level of support is staffed by senior technicians who are capable of resolving most issues themselves. Should additional assistance ever be required, each support technician has immediate access to the product developers. In fact, our support personnel and product development teams are located in the same facility, which shortens the communication channel and reduces the time it takes to resolve an issue.

Our support organization is always ready to help, not only in times of crisis, but also to aid your planning and preparation. Give us a call before your next disaster recovery test and we’ll be sure to have a support technician standing by to provide any specialized assistance you might need.